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Hot Cocoa

Nothin’ beats a seamy mug of hot chocolate after a romp in the snow! After deciding to look at ingredient disclosures on packages and monitor sugar intake, I couldn’t bring ...

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Crock Pot Refried Beans (six quart slow-cooker version)

I was born a third-generation Southern Californian. While I don’t have any legitimate Mexican heritage, I come from a proud line of bean lovers. Our family favorite, of course, is ...

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Taco Seasoning

Don’t let the length of this ingredient list intimidate you! You can have all these spice jars out on the counter in a snap! …and with a quick scoop here ...

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Chicken Stock

I had always imagined home-made stocks being so much extra work and costing a lot of extra money. I mean, with all the veggies and chicken you put in it ...

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Beans & Eggs

I love this breakfast! Unlike a typical morning meal, this one provides steady energy all morning, without being overly filling. Satisfying and simple. This is great served alone with a ...

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Gluten-free Maccarroni & Cheese

My children have always enjoyed a big bowl of hot mac and cheese. Not the fancy kind you make from scratch, or even the kind you bake in the oven. ...

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